A look back at the Rencontres Entreprises et Territoires 2024 exhibition

A look back at the Rencontres Entreprises et Territoires 2024 exhibition

Looking forward to next year!

A huge thank you to all the visitors, organisations and partners who graced our Mov’ntec stand at the second edition of the Rencontres Entreprises et Territoires (EET) Béthune-Bruay! After a first rewarding experience last year, we were delighted to repeat the experience.

Once again, this BtoB trade fair provided us with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with the region’s economic and public sector players. We were delighted to share this space with Mov’ntec Mobility.

On our stand you could discover :
Mov’ntec-Mobility’s Galibot pick-up, ready to conquer the roads.
We hope you were impressed by its versatility.
The energy revolution with the mobile energy station from our partner Swoop Energy. A technology that pushes back the boundaries of sustainable mobility.
The CirculaCar battery pack, redefining the performance of electric vehicles. Autonomy without compromise!
Behind the scenes of the electric charging infrastructure, with examples of electrical cabinets. The essential components that power charging points.
Your presence and your interest in our innovations were the greatest reward for our team. We were delighted to answer your questions and show you some of our know-how and expertise in electric mobility technologies.


Your feedback makes our projects even more meaningful.
Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm!

Thank you to the Territoire d’industrie de Béthune-Bruay et Flandre Lys, Agence COTEO, CABBALR and the INNOVARIUM demonstrator for organising this event.
If you haven’t had a chance to talk to us, or if you still have questions or specific requests concerning electric mobility technologies, a search for components or a recognised company to help you realise your project.

You can always contact us via our website www.movntec.com or directly on LinkedIn.