Our Focus Areas

Our team of specialists in electronics and mechatronics conceive with you the best solution to make sure your driveline, propulsion, or any other transmission will perfectly fit for your needs in electromobility applications. A solution that could consist of a motor associated with a transmission (reduction or gearbox), power electronics, and the corresponding harnesses. Once the most adapted solution is created, we step into the industrialization analysis to improve its competitivity. Then we can launch the production, organize the subcontracting and the assembling of the complete equipment or sub-equipment. All you have to do is integrate your ready-to-use solution, fully tested by us, in your vehicle.

We can assist you in your project starting at the prototyping phase.

Our Service team guarantees in-house repairs (or inspections) for the after-sales requirements of the complete equipment provided. We can also back you up with spare parts for your equipment (we handle the storage, and direct deliveries to the end-customer).

For light electromobility solutions or small mobile robots (AGVs), we have a turn-key solution for you.

Do you have a technical challenge? We look forward to meeting you!

Certified and equipped for the handling and the installation of Li-Ion batteries (brand new or recycled), we manage industrial or electromobility projects powered by batteries. In cooperation with specialized R&D partners, we conceive the most appropriate solution responding to your needs with turn-key solutions.

Managing as well, the components directly from its source, the industrialization, the assembly, and the final test for batteries, BMS (Battery Management System), converters, safety equipment. Those functions are mounted in a housing corresponding to the requirements of your environment (mobile, hardened for heavy environments, stationery with different coatings…).

Do you have an electromobility project? We support you in providing power loading solutions adapted to your real needs. We offer made-to-measure solutions whether in terms of characteristics (power, AC or DC, etc.) as well as interfacing and completely adapted to your environment. By relying on partners who are specialists in industrial design, by taking advantage of our expertise in industrialization and the industrial excellence that has characterized us for 20 years, we provide you with the solution best suited to your needs.

MOV’NTEC is known as a supplier of sets and subsets designed to improve the overall performance and the energy efficiency of industrial equipment.

With 20 years of experience in power electronics, we offer tailor-made solutions based on power electronics components: energy converters, Power Distribution Units (PDU) or frequency inverters, for stationary industrial needs and the general needs in electromobility.

We support industrial projects in electronics and electromechanics, from the co-design until the final testing, ensuring their industrialization, manufacture, integration, or assembly.

Specialized in the assembly of electromechanical subsets, we create complete solutions, fully assembled, and tested by us, which are ready to be integrated in your machine.

We follow industrial projects from the prototype until the product delivery to the end-customer. Ensuring a full range of services such as co-design, prototyping, industrialization, supply management, assembly, customized assembly, storage, packaging and delivery to you, or the end-user.

We are also able to back you up with Service (in-house repairs or inspections) and spare parts.

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