Convert your commercial vehicle to electric!

Convert your commercial vehicle to electric!


That’s the promise of our partner CirculaCar, a Lyon-based start-up founded by Geoffrey Pauwels and Édouard Nicolaÿ.

CirculaCar offers to convert your internal combustion vehicle (diesel or petrol) by removing the old engine and replacing it with an electric conversion kit. Their famous Retrofit Kit.
The patented conversion kit is produced in France, and guess where! At MOV’NTEC!

But that’s not all!
Their company, which specialises in the electrification of vehicles, has designed a range of modular batteries that can be adapted to any type of vehicle.

CirculaCar batteries aren’t just a source of energy, they’re connected!
Thanks to their technology, you can access a multitude of data relating to the battery and your vehicle as a whole in real time.

Real ecological alternatives for reducing CO2 emissions in mobility, improving air quality in urban areas and saving resources.

CirculaCar’s solutions offer ecological alternatives, underlining our shared commitment to preserving our resources.
We are proud to collaborate with partners as visionary and daring as CirculaCar, who share a common mission to promote clean and sustainable mobility.

If you’d like to find out more about this start-up run by two daring men, or transform your internal combustion vehicle with the Retrofit Kits. Visit their website: