New projects are taking shape!

New projects are taking shape!

Here we are, at last….already…a bit of both at the same time!

14 months after the takeover, we have delivered our first projects. That’s both short and long. For an industrial project, it’s relatively short to have been able to deliver our first products in this timeframe. But you can imagine how impatient the whole Movntec team is to see these new projects come to fruition.

We are therefore very proud to have been able to deliver electrical distribution and metering cabinets for the German market. These are used to power and protect charging station infrastructures, particularly for hotels.

We have also completed the first prototypes of DC/DC converters. These can be installed in vehicles and supply various components with the corresponding voltages from the main battery. If you’d like to find out a bit more about the various converters, I refer you to this post

Finally, after the first ten prototypes produced in January, in the next few days we’ll be launching the production of the new version of the “Energy Case” from our partners swoop energy.

We’re very proud of these first achievements, and we’d like to thank the whole MovNTec team for its flexibility and enthusiasm (and also its impatience, a sign of general motivation) over the last few months. We would also like to thank our partners, who have placed their trust in us during this pivotal period, when we had to build trust and rely on a promise rather than a finished product!

We look forward to seeing you again soon!