OSIRIS AGRICULTURE and MOV’NTEC: a partnership serving agriculture

OSIRIS AGRICULTURE and MOV'NTEC: a partnership serving agriculture


We’re taking you to Illies, a town in the north of France, just 30 minutes from our Mov’ntec site. A few months ago, we met the Osiris Agriculture team, sons of farmers, engineers and passionate about the world of agriculture.
Their mission?
To help farmers make the transition to agro-ecology!
And how do they do that?
By developing an autonomous robot called “OSCAR”, which helps farmers to optimise irrigation, fertilisation and crop protection.

Here are some figures:
20% less electricity,
30% less water
10% higher yields for the same costs,
7 hours per hectare freed up between July and August,

Osiris Agriculture came up with the idea, and together we developed it, contributing our know-how and expertise and, above all, meeting their requirements.

We began by creating a prototype following plans provided by Henri Desesquelles, Léon Guyard and Rodolphe Cockenpot, co-founders of Osiris Agriculture. Once the prototype was complete, we worked closely with them to test it on their site. Following this experience, we examined and evaluated the installation of the cabinet and the cabling in order to make improvements and optimise each component.
From sourcing the components, to cutting, drilling, painting, assembling the elements, wiring and installing all the safety devices, everything was assembled by our MOV’NTEC teams in Hauts de France.
On Thursday 14 March, we visited the site to fine-tune the final details, carry out a few tests and adjust our customised offer in line with their real needs.

We have the capacity to carry out your projects remotely, but it has to be said that direct contact and proximity with our customers and partners are crucial and enriching elements for our respective teams. Our flexibility and proximity build trust and foster lasting relationships!

We’re proud to be part of the realisation of this project, which is in line with our values and the development of a more responsible world.

We invite you to discover the Oscar Osiris Agriculture robot, a radical solution that aims to change the world!