Precision engineering for mobility

Precision engineering for mobility

At Mov’Ntec Mobility, professional mobility goes hand in hand with efficiency and respect for the environment. As a company specialising in the design and manufacture of small electric vehicles, our objective is clear: to offer tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our vision
We aspire to become the European benchmark in light and professional mobility technologies. How do we achieve this? By focusing on two fundamental aspects:
– Meeting the specific needs of professionals Each profession has its own mobility requirements. That’s why we are committed to designing tailor-made solutions that are perfectly adapted to our customers’ needs.
– Mastering intermediate vehicle engineering From the chassis and bodywork to the battery and engine, we work to perfect every aspect of our intermediate vehicles, guaranteeing optimum performance and outstanding durability.

Our activities
– Design and sale of electric utility quadricycles Our L6e and L7e electric utility quadricycles have been developed and marketed exclusively for the B-to-B market. Designed to meet the specific needs of professionals, it offers an efficient and environmentally-friendly mobility solution.
– Engineering services for business customers We offer tailor-made engineering services to meet the specific needs of our business customers. From the development of customised technical solutions to the integration of specific Mov’Ntec components.


Our customers
We provide a range of services to a variety of professionals, including farmers, beekeepers, municipalities and emergency services, as well as designers of specific or mass-produced vehicles.

In a context where sustainable mobility has become a global priority, our intermediate vehicles play a key role. They offer a host of advantages, such as lower costs, lower energy consumption and reduced pollution.
What’s more, these vehicles stimulate entrepreneurship, relocate jobs and strengthen resilience, while promoting cooperation and innovation in the field of mobility.