Focus on Delphine Leroux, our Supply Chain Manager

Focus on Delphine Leroux, our Supply Chain Manager

Zoom sur Delphine Leroux, notre responsable Supply Chain

1 – What is your professional background and how did you become Supply Chain Manager?
I studied international business. I chose to start out in industry in production planning and customer relations. I worked my way up through a number of different structures before becoming Mov’ntec’s Supply Chain Manager.

2. What do you like best about your job as Supply Chain Manager?
Your job in the supply chain is to manage flows, incoming supplies to secure production jobs in the workshops, and outgoing customer orders to ensure flows in field logistics and sales.
What I like most, beyond these aspects, is the need for coordination between departments and with the outside world.

3. What are your main tasks and responsibilities?
The SCM covers the procurement of components, production planning to meet customer deadlines, and administrative management of transport.
We are responsible for achieving a high customer delivery rate, while maintaining optimized inventories.
As head of the department, I have to make sure it runs smoothly.

4. What are the main challenges and issues you face in your job?
We have regular variations. Organized for a standard operation, we have to find ways of adapting our capacities when the workload increases. Likewise, we may have to cope with component shortages, leading to shortages or unforeseen variations in prices for certain materials. We need to remain agile and responsive in our business.

5. How do you work with other departments in the company?
We are organized to share information in a variety of ways. A systematic daily review enables the teams to monitor the indicators. These will enable us to identify changes and adapt our organization. In addition to this daily review, other exchanges enable us to react constantly and cooperate actively between departments.

7. How do you manage the stress and pressure associated with your job?
Our mission to satisfy customer demand takes precedence over any stress or pressure, and is transformed into motivation.

8. What motivates or excites you in your role as Supply Chain Manager at Mov’ntec?
The interdepartmental and external coordination aspect, combined with the international outlook we have on a daily basis, are exciting aspects of my job. At MOV’NTEC, the current shift in focus towards electromobility adds to the novelty that spices up my daily routine and makes each day different from the last as much as the next.

9. If you had to define Mov’ntec in a few words?

Dynamism, innovation, internationality, creativity, mobility, environment – these are just some of the qualities that make MOV’NTEC a promising company in the electromobility sector.